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The Uniting Church in Australia

Cowes, Phillip Island

The Church of St John,
- Fisherman and Apostle -


St John's UCA Cowes

This page is under development and is intended to advertise organisations and issues relevant to the whole Philip Island/San Remo community


Support your community by shopping locally.  Buy the local paper.  Use local services.


Community Health - web site

Information CentreBass Coast Community Health Service aims to provide quality, accessible responsive community health and primary services to our community.

Click on the 'brochure' to view the range of services or use their website.

PICAL - web site

PICALThe Phillip Island Community And Learning Centre is a non-profit community-based organisation providing recreational, educational, and some welfare services to reflect the needs of all age groups of Phillip Island and surrounds.

It also functions as a 'campus' for the University of the 3rd Age.

PICAL is located at 56-58 Church St., Cowes.  Check out their web site for detailed information.

ARTS - web site

Information CentreThe Bass Coast Shire has a vibrant arts programme.  We are proud that Phillip Island plays a significant part in this programme with concerts, plays and exhibitions all being staged at suitable venues around the island.

You can visit the web site and/or download the brochure to find out more.

Information Centres - web site

Information CentreThe information centre is the place to go to find out about what is going on around Phillip Island and where to go to get the most out of a visit.

Even locals can benefit from dropping in.  There is always something new happening.

Phillip Island Gallery - web site

Phillip Island GalleryPhillip Island GalleryThe Gallery is the place to go to find artworks by members of the Phillip Island community.

The island has a rich artistic life.  Painters, photographers, textile artists, potters all contribute to the work on you can see.  Much of this is for sale.

Of course the island is also home to writers and musicians although their work does not lend itself to display.

Library - web site

Baby RhymeBeware of the library.  Going inside can transport you to distant times and far away places; you may meet the most desirable of companions; you might fall into the clutches of the most evil of villains. 

Your life may never be the same.  Books can do that.  Give your children this gift as well.

The library has many other resources worth discovering.

Barb Martin Bushbank

Bush BankThe Barb Martin Bushbank is a not-for-profit nursery which grows plants indigenous to Phillip Island.
The Bushbank established in 1998 by local conservation groups is run by volunteers.  It is located beside the Koala Conservation Centre.

Opening hours for sales Wed. 9:30 am - 3:30 pm; and the first Saturday each month 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.
Volunteers are welcome Wed. 9:30 am - 3:30 pm and
Thurs. 10:00 am - 12:00 noon.

Contact; PO Box 80 Cowes 3922; Phone 0407 348 807

Phillip Island Genealogical Society - web site

Genealogical Society Logo
Tracing family history has always been popular but has enjoyed a resurgence with TV shows like Who Do You Think You Are.

Membership of the Genealogical Society will enable you to use their resources to research your family history, or you can use their facilities at a cost.

You can even commission the society to do research for you.  Click the image to see their brochure.

Find them at The Heritage Centre, Cowes.

Phillip Island Historical Society - Museum

Historical Society Brochure
The Historical Society Museum ushers us back to times past.

Discover what life on Phillip Island was like and how history has affected the present.

Displays and videos illustrate the geology, wildlife, farming and maritime history.

Click on the brochure image to read it.

You can find the museum at The Heritage Centre
89 Thompson Ave, Cowes