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The Uniting Church in Australia

Cowes, Phillip Island

The Church of St John,
- Fisherman and Apostle -


St John's UCA Cowes

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This web site is hosted through the kind services of which provides a set of online services available at no or low cost to members of and agencies with the Uniting Church in Australia.

The Uniting Church in the Presbytery of Gippsland
The Regional grouping of Uniting Church Congregations and agencies.

The Uniting Church in the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
The State body of the Uniting Church

The Synod site leads to many other subsites and resources for reflection. For example:-
Justice and International Mission Unit
(Sections within this unit also may have thir own newsletters)
Uniting Church Synod information - monthly Newsletter
Crosslight - Monthly newspaper (hard copies are available at Uniting Churches)

The National Assembly of the Uniting Church
The Assembly site leads to many other subsites and resources for reflection. For example:-
The weekly E-News Round-up from UnitingCare Australia is available from the UnitingCare Australia website:
Assembly UnitingJustice Website - includes new items
Frontier Services in the Outback
Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry
UnitingWorld - our work overseas -
The United Aboriginal and Islander Congress

The Transit Lounge is the national e-zine of the Uniting Church in Australia that explores issues of faith, Christianity, spirituality, ethics, beliefs and values. Those in charge of the Lounge aim to tackle conversations that are sometimes difficult to have elsewhere.  ‘Best Electronic Publication’ at the Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) annual Awards for Excellence 2009.

News items collected by the NSW Synod Insights magazine

Discussion Lists - there are some listed at
The (Insights-l) list contains media releases, official Uniting Church and ecumenical information and discussion on (usually) church issues with comments from subscribers wherever the internet reaches.

Daily Meditation from the Taize Community

Iona Community Scotland

Christian Youth Camps and

Some Social Justice issues
Rural Australians for Refugees (The Phillip Island Group meets at St John's)
supporting the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
and Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project
See also  and
Australian Parliamentary Library Asylum seekers and refugees. What are the facts.

Make Poverty History

Micah Challenge

Rubanga Youth Development Association Uganda.
This group is supported by members at St John's Cowes.

Worship and Lectionary
NRSV Lectionary

For a contemporary Australian paraphrases of the Lectionary

Reflections on Life and Faith from a Progressive Christian Perspective

Mustard Seeds

Center for Action and Contemplation

John Ray Initiative - connecting Environment, Science and Christianity

Faith & Theology Blogspot

News Media Items
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Religion and Ethics Website

New South Wales Synod collection of Religious News Items

Progressive Christian Network to promote progressive Christian thought and practice; explore the implications of critical biblical scholarship and the emerging proposals of eminent contemporary theologians, scholars and others; explore alternatives to traditional religious beliefs and practices and new ways to understand religious faith.

Other things we involve ourselves in on Phillip Island
Community organizations are active on Phillip Island such as Red Cross, CFA, SES also see the Municipal Council web site under Community - Community and Health. Members of the congregation support these groups.

Penguin Parade
includes links to some Local Environmental Groups if you look under Education -  Volunteer

Tourist Information again see the Municipal Council web site

Find the forecast for Phillip Island (note - compared with Melbourne not as hot on hot days and not as cold on cold nights - a much better place to be)

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"Everywhere is within walking distance. . . if you have the time."